14. The letter P.

30 04 2008

This week’s mailout is brought to you by the letter P.

This time, we’d like to point out the plethora of pros there are in being a patient person. Not only does patience mean you can take the time out of a paragraph to produce perfect alliterative sentences, it can also get you through a lot of less-than-positive situations. Bex would like to use a personal anecdote to demonstate this.
I have a 4-month old baby sister called Ella and sometimes she cries an awful lot. Anyone who’s been in close proximity to a crying baby knows that its a distressing noise – it has to be, babies need to scream for others as they can’t care for themselves, after all. It does make my house a pretty stressful environment, particularly for my mum who gets little sleep and has to keep on top of day-to-day chores while looking after a noisy Ella. Tonight we watched one of those how-to videos linked in this message about how to cope with a crying baby. One point made a lot of sense. Time passes and things change! The older a child gets, the more independence he or she gains, the less he or she will cry for help. It really is the same with everything. Eventually, situations get better. Life comes in seasons, summer will follow winter and with some patience, everyone can last out the bad times and anticipate the good times to follow. You know that thing you’re worrying about right now? Picture yourself in a month’s time. Chances are, the thing won’t even matter anymore! And then comes patience. It really is a good thing.

*wwwell Good*

[two interesting websites]


[a nice video]
explore the website after watching this, it’s full of useful and fun things to learn and do!


[some fun and nice pictures]

To finish, we’d like to invite you to invite your friends, as the numbers are dwindling and that’s something that makes us slightly worried. The fact that so many of you have stuck by us is incredibly nice, and it must mean you like these messages and the group at least a little bit. We do want to share it with as many people as we possibly can though, so if you agree with what we say, share it with your friends! You might just cheer them up that little bit extra.

Bex & Sam.


13. Shark Attacks: unlucky for some.

20 04 2008

Hello everybody! How are you? We hope you’ve been happy in our absence, but not because of it, of course. Sorry for the slight lack of messages the last couple of weeks. We hope you have been looking after yourselves and eating right and sleeping okay. That’s important.

This week we have picked out a couple of fantastic movie clips for your viewing pleasure!

And some ingenious sandwich/lunchbox designs.

CTFUI recommends:
1. Sorting out and/or decorating your house/room. It’s really nice to sort out your things and to make your space your own. Fill it with favourites – pictures of friends and memories of good times.We think that houses/rooms are about being lived in, not being show-homes and it is nice to make it comfortable. This week make your space more special.

2. When in a public place, turn on your bluetooth and search for people with fantastic bluetooth names such as ‘hawtlegs’ on the train or ‘dougie fresh’ in the hospital. Then try to match the name to the people around you.

3. Send in your own recommendations so that we can share them with everyone else who is part of this group.

Have a good week and look after yourselves! See you next time.

Bex & Sam.

12. Winter is whipped away.

8 04 2008

Hello to all 1075 members! How’s it going?

This weekend marks the changing of the clocks and beginning of summertime in our part of the globe, it’s inevitable that most of you will be looking forward to the weather getting warmer and the days being lighter, which can be a lovely thing. However, we wanted to use this opportunity to remind everyone that winter can be just as wonderful too! Of course, some of our members in far away places might be looking forward to colder weather around this time of year, so it’s a good time to think about beautiful cold-weather things like…
– seeing your own breath in the air
– admiring frost patterns decorating car bonnets
– hearing the wind blowing cold outside while you’re wrapped up warm in bed
– picking up leaves that are frozen rigid
– skating on ice
– non-aggressive snow ball fights
– sledding
– making snow angels
– cracking the ice on frozen puddles

and of course, building a snowman friend!


*wwwell Good*
[an interesting website]
As suggested by Mr Dan Gay, a new member of the group, the dictionary.com word of the day page. Learn a new word today!

[a nice video]
There is only one video this week, because it is a little longer than usual and particularly epic. We think it is sufficient by itself and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Thank you for listening and hope you have a good week!

Bex & Sam.

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11. Cuddled into delay.

25 03 2008

Hello everybody! We’re sorry we didn’t send out the message last night, but we were cuddling. We thought you would understand! Last week saw us break the 1000 members mark, which was really exciting to see. Now at 1068, it’s growing ever larger, which means the message of Cheerthefuckupism is being spread. We only have you guys to thank for this, and we’re ever so glad that you appreciate it and enjoy it.

Here are this week’s links!

*wwwell Good*
[an interesting website]


[a selection of nice videos]


[some fun and nice pictures]

This week we’d like to open out the writing bit to all of you. We’re inviting you to write a message of well wishing and optimism to help your fellow cheerthefuckupists to cheer up! Since we’ve heard that some people find the messages slightly impersonal, we think it’d be nice to hear something back and give you the chance to get involved and introduce some new opinions and viewpoints. If you have some thoughts to share, a funny anecdote, a description of a beautiful experience or an optimistic passage on a subject of your choice, we would really love to hear it. If you think of something, even if it’s just a few lines or a whole paragraph, send it in to one of us and we’ll pick some for next week’s message. After all, you all have good things to share, not just us.

Have a great week doing what you do!
Bex & Sam.

10. If you listen, you can hear it.

17 03 2008

Bon Giorno, cheerthefuckupists! We hope you’ve had a cheerful and productive week and that the month of march is going smoothly for you all. We’re delighted to see that the group now totals 996 members, which is, of course, only 4 away from a nice four-figured 1000! Reaching that many members is certainly a milestone, to see it as something reachable makes us very happy indeed. So, a huge thank you goes out to anyone who has invited friends and thought that our little group is good enough to share. We really do appreciate it.

*wwwell Good*
[two interesting websites]

[a nice video]

[some fun and nice pictures]

[cool thing of the week]

We’ve thought about dreams a bit this week. It’s funny that, in dreams, you can create faces and places and experiences that don’t really exist. Think about a time when you’ve seen somebody or a place in a dream that you have never seen in reality. Its interesting to wonder where these things come from and fun to realise the way your mind interprets elements of the day in different ways when you’re asleep. It’s a nice thing to share with others. We hope that this week brings you sweet and enjoyable dreams.
What is really interesting about dreams is that they’re the only place you can really find silence. Silence doesn’t exist when we are awake. There are always distant cars or birds or just wind to create some kind of soundtrack to our lives. This night-time soundtrack is special – its what we hear in our most private and reflective moments, just before dreams. With that, here is an extract from a book called ‘if nobody speaks of remarkable things’ by Jon Mcgregor.We hope you find something in it.

“If you listen, you can hear it.
The city, it sings.
If you stand quietly, at the foot of a garden, in the middle of a street, on the roof of a house.
It’s clearest at night, when the sound cuts more sharply across the surface of things, when the song reaches out to a place inside you.
It’s a wordless song, for the most, but it’s a song all the same, and nobody hearing it could doubt what it sings.
And the song sings the loudest when you pick out each note.”


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09. Sleep, letters and raindrops.

10 03 2008

Bonjour! That is french for hello. There are a massive 964 of Cheerthefuckupists, a large number have joined this week which is very encouraging and beautiful to see. So thank you all for inviting new people you think will agree with the ideas and feelings we are trying to share, or thank you for finding us and joining!

Here is a bit about sleep.
Sleep feels lovely. You can’t deny that there’s something blissful about getting to go to bed after a long week and lie in for hours on a saturday morning when you don’t need to be anywhere. There is definitely such a thing as too much sleep though. Notice how, the more you lie in over the weekend, the harder it is to wake up properly? We shouldn’t need a double espresso to get out of bed. Instead, get the right amount that you need and spend the rest of your time doing something you wouldn’t normally do with the extra time you’ve saved yourself – go for a walk, paint something, write a letter to a friend – ooh! Letters! Letters are really lovely too. It’s so nice to get something through the door from a friend, some handwritten words and nice pictures and thoughts. It’s such a lost art in our time of facebook and everything being easy and immediate. There’s something really lovely about the anticipation of receiving a letter, and knowing time has been taken over it. That its personal. If you feel inclined, we recommend writing a letter this week.

Anyway, it’ll feel so much better to go to sleep when you really do need the energy. That is our tip for this week. We hope that doesn’t sound really preachy! We’re feeling tired and its hard to focus. That’s kind of what inspired this!

*wwwell Good*
[an interesting website]

[a selection of nice videos]

[some fun and nice pictures]

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who offered feedback and suggestions for the improvement of the messages, we found the most popular response was, in general, to have more happy words and less links so we’ve tried to take a step in that direction. Let us know how you feel about it!

Have a good week, and ignore that weather nonsense. Rain is free water, wind makes kites alive. If it is a rainy afternoon, try watching the drops going down a window or lie in the dark and listen to them falling and splashing on the windows or roof.


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08. It’s not you, it’s them.

3 03 2008

Dear each and every one of the 858 Cheerthefuckupists,

This week we want to know: is this going anywhere? We’ve noticed an awful lot of people leaving lately which significantly outweighs the number of people joining, and so we put it to you – what can we do to make these messages better and to perhaps stop this continuing to happen? Your suggestions are most welcome. We’re growing a little concerned and we really don’t want to lose faith in this little project just yet or at all.

A bumper amount of things to make it wonderfullly rich, this time, and we hope you enjoy each and every one of them!

*wwwell Good*
[an interesting website]

[a selection of nice videos]

[some fun and nice pictures]

[discussion board things]
Things to do when you’re bored?
Things that make you smile?
Films that cheer you up?
Which animal cheers you up?
Cheerthefuckupist meals?
What is your favourite word?

[a list of nice things]
taken from the Ladybird Book for Boys and Girls.
‘things i can hear’
a stick dragged along railings
a squeaky swing
the school bell at the end of the day
wellington boots in deep mud
the crunch of fresh snow on a winter morning
a fire engine
a train hooting far away
the ring of a shop doorbell
the crack of a cricket ball on a bat
milk sucked up through a straw
a crisp packet blown up, twisted, and burst
gargling after brushing teeth
ice-cream van chimes
a merry-go-round
the clip-clop of horses’ hooves
the crackle of a bonfire
cracking ice on a frozen puddle
a cat purring

*quote me happy*
[some inspirational words to finish this message]
“Watermelon – it’s a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face.”
-Enrico Caruso

Let us know what you think will make these messages even better, and remember to share this group/vision with any friends you think will appreciate it!

Have a brilliant week and take care of yourselves. Remember – if it’s a bad day, it isn’t the end of the world. You still have people to help you out and remind you that life is wonderful.