13. Shark Attacks: unlucky for some.

20 04 2008

Hello everybody! How are you? We hope you’ve been happy in our absence, but not because of it, of course. Sorry for the slight lack of messages the last couple of weeks. We hope you have been looking after yourselves and eating right and sleeping okay. That’s important.

This week we have picked out a couple of fantastic movie clips for your viewing pleasure!

And some ingenious sandwich/lunchbox designs.

CTFUI recommends:
1. Sorting out and/or decorating your house/room. It’s really nice to sort out your things and to make your space your own. Fill it with favourites – pictures of friends and memories of good times.We think that houses/rooms are about being lived in, not being show-homes and it is nice to make it comfortable. This week make your space more special.

2. When in a public place, turn on your bluetooth and search for people with fantastic bluetooth names such as ‘hawtlegs’ on the train or ‘dougie fresh’ in the hospital. Then try to match the name to the people around you.

3. Send in your own recommendations so that we can share them with everyone else who is part of this group.

Have a good week and look after yourselves! See you next time.

Bex & Sam.




One response

22 04 2008

Batman even risked his own life to save some ducks! Eeh, they don’t make superheroes like that these days… 🙂

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